3 Creative Ways to Enrich Your Pride Month Lesson Plan for Kids

Use the blog post below to enrich the Rainbow Lesson Plan and start conversations to plant seeds that inspire change.


In our Studio Sprout art with a purpose video lesson, kids practice the elements of art: line, color, shape, and texture. They learn science facts about how rainbows are formed. They’ll also hear the history of two important changemakers – the masterminds behind the rainbow pride flag – Harvey Milk and Gilbert Baker and learn what each color of the pride flag symbolizes. This free video art lesson plan is perfect for teaching on diversity, acceptance, LGBTQ+ History and Pride Month.

In this post, you’re going to learn:

  • Which colors of the rainbow are most important
  • Our Studio Sprout Word of the Day: Activism
  • How to become a changemaker and create your own rainbow art 

Let’s get started!

Which Color of the Rainbow is Most Important?

You’ve probably seen a rainbow recently – maybe in the sky, in a pattern on a t-shirt or maybe you’ve seen a rainbow flag.

Rainbows are made of multiple colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple (also known as violet)

So, out of those 6 colors, which one is most important?

Before answering, let’s step back for a second.

When we look at a rainbow in the sky, we’re seeing science.

White light and water are working together to create all of the beautiful colors of the rainbow.

If you’d like to learn more about the science behind a rainbow, grab this <<Free Studio Sprout Rainbow Lesson>>.

The most important color isn’t ONE type. It’s all of the colors coming together to create equal parts of the rainbow.

Just like rainbows are made of more than one color, our world is filled with people of different colors, backgrounds, beliefs, and feelings.

You are unique – the color of your skin, the color of your hair, the shape of your nose. But those aren’t the only things that make you, you… and me, me.

We also like different things. We wear different styles of clothes. We think in different ways. 

How we feel matters, too.

Do we feel important? Safe? Accepted? Loved? Celebrated?

All of those are parts of who we are.

Like people, the beauty of the rainbow is created by differences.

If all of the colors were the same, there wouldn’t be much to look at.

Just like a rainbow our world is a brighter and more magical place because of our differences.

Though different, all people are equal, just like each color deserves to be appreciated for the beauty it contributes.

Sadly, even though people are equal they aren’t always treated that way.

How Activism can help?

When people struggle to be treated fairly or equally, they don’t feel safe, loved or appreciated.

When people take action to be treated fairly or stand up for others to be treated fairly, that’s Activism.

Activism can look like:

  • Having conversations in your home about making the world safe for everyone
  • Learning together with your friends, family and community about the past and present
  • Making art with a message about your vision for change

Activism with pride

Each year in June, people join together for celebrations in cities across the world during Pride Month. People of all ages participate in Pride Parades by marching down city streets to commemorate the activism that took place during the Stonewall Riots in New York in 1969.

That was when the gay community decided to unite for activism. They were no longer going to accept the mistreatment or injustices that they had been experiencing throughout history.

If you’d like to learn more about the fight for gay rights and the history of the rainbow flag, grab this
Free Studio Sprout Rainbow Lesson

Through activism, we can stand up for human rights to help others feel safe.

Change takes time…

But as we stand against injustices, we all begin to experience more love, pride and empowerment.

Activism creates changemakers and changemakers make a difference for everyone.

Become a Changemaker + Create Your Own Rainbow Art

Brave changemakers of the past, present and future continue to stand up and fight for the rights of all people.

Studio Sprout is a safe space for you to be yourself, express your creativity and be an active changemaker.

We can help you learn more about different types of people and appreciate the beauty they contribute to the world.

A great place to start is with the Studio Sprout Free Rainbow Lesson where you can learn how to create your own rainbow art. You’ll also learn about science and what makes a rainbow and you’ll learn about the history behind the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag.

We would love to see your rainbow art when you finish with the free lesson! Post a photo and tag us on Instagram @studiosprout



Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag

by Rob Sanders (Author), Steven Salerno (Illustrator)

Rainbow Flag: Bright, Bold, and Beautiful Hardcover

by Michelle Millar Fisher (Author), Kat Kuang (Author)

Our Rainbow Board Book

by Little Bee Books (Author)

Rainbow: A First Book of Pride

by Michael Genhart PhD (Author), Anne Passchier (Illustrator)

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Lesson Plan Takeaways: Rainbow Science + Pride Month History

  • How to draw and paint a rainbow
  • Teaching kids how rainbows are made
  • White light refraction & reflection
  • What happens when light hits water
  • The science behind a rainbow
  • STEAM Project: How to make a rainbow
  • How sunlight produces a colorful rainbow
  • How to talk to your kids about rainbow pride flag
  • How do you start the conversation about pride month
  • Lesson for Kids: What do the colors represent on the pride flag
  • Kids Activities for Pride Month
  • Kids Activities for Gay Pride
  • Pride Art Projects for Kids
  • STEAM Rainbow Art Project
  • How to encourage kids to explore creativity, science + social justice
  • Art for Kids: How to start painting 
  • Simple watercolor techniques
  • How are rainbows made in the sky
  • What are rainbows made out of
  • What are rainbows for kids
  • Colors in the rainbow in order

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