A Day with Clay

October 2015 clay6
This week over at Studio Sprout we explored… CLAY! Our younger students created some really inventive and unique pieces!
Materials Needed:

  • air-dry clay (we use 25lb blocks of Laguna)
  • tempera, activity or acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • cotton cloth or wood board to work on
  • foil or paint pallet
  • rolling pins
  • sponges
  • nature objects (rocks, twigs, etc.)
  • shape stencils (can be made out of thin plastic cutting boards found at Dollar stores)
  • Clay tools, tooth picks, palette knives

October 2015 clay7
We use cotton cloth under the clay so it doesn’t stick to the table. To familiarize everyone with the clay we had some interactive clay play. The first tool we experimented with was a garlic press. We made “spaghetti, worms, and hair”.
October 2015 clay9
Once we were comfortable with the clay, we used rollers with paint sticks to control flattening the clay a quarter inch thick.
October 2015 clay10
Younger students were given some support from adults because it requires a good amount of pressure to press out the clay.
October 2015 clay14
Students around the 4 year age mark are ready to cut out shapes. We use traditional clay tools for cutting and plastic stencils. We talked about pull the tool towards the body and turning the shape after each cut, peeling off the extra as you go.
October 2015 clay51
After our clay was shaped, we smoothed and rounded the edges of our clay with damp sponges or our fingers.
October 2015 clay1
At Studio Sprout we like to push the boundaries with art materials such as painting directly on wet clay!
October 2015 clay20
Students were encouraged to chose their own color schemes. As they painted we introduced new materials for them to incorporate.
October 2015 clay22
The students did a lot with the new nature objects. Some placed the objects and then painted them, while others placed the placed the objects but really worked to build with the added twigs and rocks. We saw a lot of vertical sculpture created with the twigs. Though some of less three dimensional finished pieces were punctured near the top with a straw so that they may be hung.
October 2015 clay4
Master Notes: For the older classes, we were inspired by Red and the Peanut’s ceramic owls. We used a variety of make-shift tools that everyone has at home, from toothpicks to popsicle sticks!
October 2015 clay29
October 2015 clays1
October 2015 clay36
October 2015 clay45

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