Autumn Sensory Bin

To welcome in Autumn we did a fall sensory box complete with: pasta, two types of beans, corn, fake leaves, real pine cones, crystals, fossils, wood pieces, nests, imitation gourds, and cinnamon sticks to tap into smell.

Pouring, sorting, sifting, stacking, and matching naturally occur with a sensory box. I supply scooper, small cups, muffin tins, and smaller boxes to support students practicing these skills.

My oldest son calls my sensory boxes, “touchy feely boxes”. Here are two toddlers exploring texture with their hands.

Here is another fun way to create an autumn sensory bin. For less than $20 you can buy a 50lb bag of corn at your local feed store and fill a small pool with it. If you keep it covered at night it should last several months1

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