Autumn Wall Hanger

AutumnPlateHanger4  Autumn Hangers are great for a wall or a front door. I know that many places have already seen the leaves change and are experiencing snow but we in California have a slower, more subtle change of seasons so before winter arrives we are still relishing in the glow of Autumn.
We made these with fabric leaves I bought at Discount School Supplies and the Dollar Tree as well as paper leaves I cut from yellow, orange, and red recycled art I keep around. You could also collect leaves from outside at the park or in your neighborhood.

  •  plate, a circle of card stock or cardboard (cut out the center for a wreath)
  • tempera, activity or acrylic paint
  • fabric, paper or natural leaves
  • glue
  • sequins or gems
  • hole punch
  • pipe cleaner

The first step is to cover the surface with paint. We use washable tempera. The fabric leaves stick right to the wet paint and there is no glue at this stage. For natural leaves you might have to use glue to adhere them to the background surface.
These Autumn hangers are a fun and project that supports fine motor skill. After our leaves were in place we decorated the hanger with a variety of sequins. We practiced “dot, dot, not a lot” with our glue.
For the art to hang I punched a hole and looped in half of a pipe cleaner.
I challenged my 4+ students to create a mandala pattern. Working from the center out.
Below is a fun spread of drying hangers.

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