Block Building and Craft Sticks w/ Velcro

A long time ago I saw a Pinterest post with these over-sized colorful craft sticks and hook & loop (velcro) tabs. I’m not an avid Pinterest user so it was kinda by fluke that I ran across the post and I’m so glad I finally executed the project. This project was stimulating for all ages. My youngest toddlers practiced their velcro skills and my older students worked on geometric shapes.

This is a great example of the art supporting math skills! We practiced making triangles, squares, hexagons, trapezoids, and more.

Making art outdoors and creative play are integral parts of our curriculum so we finished the day by building structures, cities, and forts with wooden blocks (left over from our yarn block project) outside on the patio.

A few classes brought over animals from the water table area and asked to paint on them. Since this session is all about exploring 3-D I thought coloring the animals was perfect, what a wonderfully challenging surface to paint!

We threw in a few cardboard tubes for tunnels and chimneys and craft sticks for ramps.

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