Bubble Baskets

Bubble Blowing is a wonderful outdoor activity for children. Bubbles get kids running, jumping, and smiling.  Blowing bubbles also directly supports language development by teaching children how to shape their mouth and/or strengthen their tongue, ask for things they need, or be introduced to new vocabulary through a fun game. Additionally it teaches children social skills such as taking turns and eye contact.
For young toddlers who are still figuring out how to use a small bubble wand you can try berry baskets. The fun thing about using a recycled berry basket is that bubbles form in clumps and come out in clusters vs. the single bubble you might get off a wand.
I have tried a few homemade recipes for bubble making but my favorite bubble mix is Gazillion bubbles.
If you enjoyed this post you might want to visit my Bubble Wand post. Last summer we made easy homemade bubble wands with pipe cleaners and pony beads.

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