Butterfly Prints and Chicks (3 weeks old)

Making butterfly prints is simple and fun! We used washable tempera paint from Discount School Supplies on colored construction paper.
I started each child with a different color construction paper and white paint. I chose the darker colors in the stack so the white paint would really pop. I quizzed the students on the color paint  and color paper pointing out that we were using colored paper and white paint instead of colored paint and white paper.

After each student worked with white paint on colored paper I introduced black paint and let them chose the color paper they wanted. For their third print I added colors to the table and let them decide if they wanted to mix or add white or black to the image.

Pressing the paper for the final effect always adds an element of surprise.

Final artwork often resembled butterflies but it was fun to discover other shapes, objects, and animals within the pressed symmetrical image.

I encouraged the kids to keep adding paint and repressing their image if they wanted to make changes.

This project was perfect for glitter so glitter we used!

When possible I’ve been including the students in caring for the chicks. These two are refreshing the feeder.

It’s amazing to see how fast the chicks have grown. In just three weeks they have become sturdy enough to be handled by little hands and we have been taking them two at a time outside for their first taste of natural elements.

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