Car Printing with Tempera Paint, Valentines and Winter Sensory Box

This week’s project was car printing/painting, making valentines, and playing in a winter sensory box. To begin the project I offered the students a variety of cars. Each was different style, size, and made a different track mark depending on it’s wheels.

With enough back and forth movement new colors were made.

When we transitioned to the cardboard hearts for Valentine’s day cards I encouraged the use of the toy cars along with brushes and glitter.

Several students experimented with painting on the cars/trucks as well as using them as a printing/painting tool. This was absolutely encouraged!

Shaking glitter takes a lot of focus!

I introduced cardboard scrapers that I had made from the valentine heart scraps. The scrapers are another way to make linear track marks.

Feeling the paint on our body is sometimes more fun that spreading it on the paper.

This student’s arm was quite a masterpiece by the time she finished. Complete with gold glitter to reflect her beautiful smile.

I brought out the rollers after the cars and trucks were introduced and we talked about steam rollers and the tracks they make.

The winter themed sensory box was a huge hit. I supplied extra trays for students who were interested in taking the rice out of the main box. We also used small cups and measuring spoons for pouring ans sorting.

I used rice as the base because it’s soft to touch and mimics snow. I also incorporated glass gems, cotton balls, a variety of pine cones, eucalyptus pods, crochet white flowers, birds nests, feathers, and cloves for scent.

Rice was crazy messy, but also crazy fun! Well worth the sweeping and vacuuming.  Several of the students were excited to help clean up. These moments are priceless.

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