Celebrating Spring: Flower Print Cards

Making cards is a multi-step process which includes folding, gluing, printing, and glitter. This offers children practice in fine motor skills control, breaking down a large project into small doable parts, and following directions.
We started with adhering a base of card stock onto a folded piece of construction paper. I had pre-cut 8.5×11 card stock in half as the background for the paint. Each child was allowed to choose their color of construction paper. With the help of an adult if needed students practiced folding their construction paper in half as the base for the card.
Glue sticks require a specific angle and pressure to work correctly. We practiced following the rectangle shape of the card stock with the glue stick and doing swirls inside to get the right amount of glue to adhere our base to our background.
With corks we made the center of the flower. I encouraged making 3-5 circle stamps with the cork but there are no hard rules. Recycled applesauce containers are perfect for little hands to manage paint and hold the cork.
We made petals with creased and uncreased toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Petals landing near their center circle depended on the developmental stage and fine motor control of each child…or vision for that matter, but all students had a great time with this project.

Glitter made these cards come alive with sparkle and texture!


Below are examples of finished cards.


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