Celebrating Spring: Pool Noodle Flower Prints

I found this on pinterest and it’s a must do! If you have construction paper and tempera paint you can literally do this project for $1!!! Right now they are selling flower shaped pool noodles at the Dollar Tree.

  • Flower shaped swim noodle (cut up into individual 2 inch pieces)
  • colored construction paper
  • tempera paint

The table was set up with low trays with a variety of tempura pain and flower stamps int the tray.  I like to put two or more stamps in the paint trays so children do not have to wait for another to finish with a stamp.Older children were very intentional about colors, placement, patterning.
After a demonstration of printing, each child was given a piece of colored construction paper. They removed the stamp from the tray and stamped on the paper.
When using paint with these stamps, it is good to remind and demonstrate to the children how to wipe the excess paint off on the side of the tray before printing.
It was also  fun to experiment with how the stamps looks when printing multiple times with one paint application. The children explored how one color looks different of a variety of different color papers.
flowers7I didn’t capture it on film but student chose to use their finger in the paint to create a center for the flower. Other children folded the card over to print on the opposite side… the options were endless…..

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