Chicks for Cochi: First Days

My Buff Cochin, Cochi, went broody about three weeks ago. Dictionary.com defines broody as:

  1. (of a hen) Wishing or inclined to incubate eggs.
  2. (of a woman) Having a strong desire to have a baby.

For the first few days I just let Cochi sit on the non fertile eggs laid by her fellow hens. After nearly a week I kicked her off a few times forcing her to get some fresh air in the garden, drink water and peck around. I finally decided to just let her nest and see how long she stayed broody. After a few weeks I got the notion to add some new chickens to the flock. It seemed like the perfect time and the easiest way to introduce a new generation. I wouldn’t have to separate anyone, set up a light, or keep a cardboard box clean.
Below are photos of my son welcoming our new chicks home.
Three days old: Delaware chick
Four days old; first full day with Mama Cochi.
Cochin hens are notorious for going broody and also for accepting almost any type of chick. They are wonderful adoptive moms. I literally slipped the baby chicks under Cochi at night in the dark and the next day she was instantly playing mama.
Somehow on her first day she got the chicks out of the coop, down the ramp and into the run. They were already pecking around in the dirt but stayed very close to her. The Gold Sex Link is the one closest to Cochi and very similar in color.
Five days old, second day with Mama Cochi:
The Delaware definitely has more personality at this point. For some reason she prefers to sit on top of Cochi instead of underneath her.
We LOVE our new chicks.

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