Collaboration II: Pass the Art Game (Mixed Media)

For this week’s collaboration we explored mixed media. I developed a “Pass the Art” game similar to art games I played in elementary school where we folded the paper in three and each person took a pass at drawing a head, torso, and legs. When you unfolded the paper you’d have a playful creature made collaboratively. For the Studio Sprout version we didn’t fold the paper nor hide parts from each other however we did take several rounds adding as we went. This included covering up, coloring in, and creating on top of each others art. At times it felt like a bit of a social experiment. Out of roughly 40 students only three felt strongly about not passing their art so they were allowed to opt out and work independently side-by-side with those playing the game.

Below is the breakdown of each round with medium and time allotted.

round 1: draw with marker (2 minutes)

round 2: draw with crayon (2 minutes)

round 3: draw with oil pastel (2 minutes)

round 4: add colored masking tape (4 minutes)

round 5: add sparkle foam stickers (each child placed roughly 3-4 stickers)

round 6: apply watercolor

Here are some examples of the fabulous finished pieces side-by-side.

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