Collage with Colored Glue

This week we made collage with colored glue, recycled “unclaimed” paintings, tissue paper, and tons of extra do-dads. As you can see from the smiles the children loved the project!

Each child wanted to do something different with the glue. Some enjoyed making dots, some liked to drizzle and a few just kept squeezing and squeezing finally content when there was a large pool.

Squeezing the glue took a bit of practice for the young ones but not a single child became frustrated and almost all of them figured it out.

For most, squeezing the glue was definitely a two hand process.

As you can see the glue kept everyone busy.

A few adventurous students decided to dive into the glue without abandon. I had moist towels ready in case they changed their mind about the tactile experience since the wet quality of glue quickly turns sticky when it starts to dry.

I encouraged students to use a lot of glue and experiment with several colors. I made the colored glue by adding liquid watercolor to washable school glue.

I cut out a rectangle in the tag board so the older kids could make photo frames.

Choosing different objects out of the tray was as much fun as squeezing glue.

 Each student placed their objects with amazing care and intention.

The do-dad tray had six different items: feathers, shredded paper, matte board shapes, pom poms, buttons, and glittery rhinestones.

Some children were content just exploring the materials and weren’t as interested in the glue.

I love how you can have a full table to productive students and their artwork comes out individual each time.

Here are some examples of finished products (wet).

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