Cork Stamped Cards

Cork stamped cards are such a great way to bring color into any holiday or celebration.  Plus this is one of those super simple projects that you can do with minimal supplies, most or all of which you have at home or in your classroom.
Here is a materials list to get you started:

  • corks
  • tempera or acrylic paint
  • cardstock or construction paper (precut in any size that fits in an envelope when folded in half)
  • small containers or plates for paint

My preference is to use small recycled applesauce containers with a minimal amount of paint for this project.
Depending on the age and intersts of each child they will produce different compostions and color combinations. It’s fun to stamp lots of colors at random which reminds me of confetti. I like to cal this a “party on the paper”. With my older students I encourage trying to make shapes and objects such as flowers or patterns.
It takes a little practice to get the correct angle with the cork and the right amount of paint so this is a great project that innately teaches problem solving.
Here is a proud student with his finished piece.
Some students turned their cork stamping into butterfly prints by folding the paper and pressing it closed. This transfers the paint to both sides and makes a symmetrical composition.

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