• Video tutorial
  • Printable lesson plan including teaching tips, “I can” statements, key terms, shoppable materials list, and step-by-step process
  • Cross-curricular integrations with STEAM, storybooks, and more

Put all the Elements of Art projects together into a keepsake book!

      • Video lesson + PDF of book-binding lesson
      • Printable template for cover art
      • Creates an easy-to-store reference book for future Elements of Art lessons!

Your projects are truly different and inspiring and I have been teaching art over 27+ years.


I did the lines lesson with my kindergartners this week. It was our first week back. They loved the lesson and so did I.


I’m working one on one with an adult with autism, and he is responding so well to the elements of art lessons.


Thank you for helping this teacher recapture the fun of art class and provide me more time to care for my students!