Felt Collage, Carrots and Sensory Activities

Creating collage is a reoccurring project here at Studio Sprout but my goal is to keep it fresh and exciting so I do my best to rotate materials and find new approaches and twists to repeat techniques and mediums. Our last collage project focused on nature materials and we used recycled cardboard for the background. This week we used felt, fabric, feathers, and sequins.

Each student was allowed to choose the color of their choice from a rainbow stack of felt rectangles.

This is one of my continuing students. Her artistic abilities and decisions are evolving weekly. Her monochromatic pink theme came out beautiful.

Sometimes it’s just about playing with the materials and feeling them on your hands.

I backed each flimsy felt rectangle with stiff  tag board. Not only will this help with longevity but it made for an awesome looking finished piece.

After working on collage we moved to different activities in the garden. I set up a summertime beach sensory box. Items included: play sand, drift wood, shiny fabric peieces in shades of blue, shells, silver and gold buttons and beads, and smooth glass rocks.

I provided small scoops (tops from laundry detergent) and cupcake tins for sorting (bought at the $1 store).

The bird seed station continues to be a hit with all ages. I’ve been encouraging students to climb right into the tub.

My homemade recycled bottle funnels have survived lots of small hands and are still intact. Even the one with the cardboard tube attached.

This week we began to harvest carrots.

Even my 18M-2Y students got to pull carrots, clean them and chomp them on the spot.

This was my first time growing carrots. So far so good!

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