Foam Paint and Flubber

This week was too much fun! For our wet medium project we experimented with foam paint, powder tempera, and liquid watercolor. We also introduced flubber, a slow moving liquid that can be modeled and manipulated similar to play dough. Both projects were a hit with every age from 18 months to 9 years!

Most children love the smooth texture of the foam paint and often can’t get enough.

 Wrapping the table in tin foil creates a smooth slippery surface perfect for spreading the foam paint.

We pretended to be “mad scientist” making crazy and cooky concoctions.

Practicing shaking sprinkles with powder tempera is so much fun.

Flubber is cool! It’s much softer and malleable than play dough so even the youngest children could practice scissors and cutting with some success.

It’s also fun to press objects into the flubber such as glass pebbles (bought at the dollar store).

Breaking it apart is very satisfying!

A few of my students couldn’t resist mixing the foam paint, water color and flubber for the ultimate sensory experience.

With some of my older students we practiced our dropper technique on extra large coffee filters.

I’m excited to get a plexiglass canvas up for the students to continue to do wall painting, but until then our makeshift mural area has been working out great. Each week I’ve been taping up a large piece of newsprint and the kids love it!

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