Glue Art

Colored Glue 20168
What kid doesn’t love squeezing glue? Especially when it’s colored glue! Past glue projects can be found here, here, and even here!
Colored glue is just so fun, we can’t stay away. As always, we make our colored glue by mixing liquid water color and glue; this time we used both clear and white glue.

  • Card Stock or Poster Board
  • Foil
  • Trays
  • Colored Glue
  • Fabric Pieces
  • Paper Pieces
  • Sequins
  • Glitter
  • Construction Paper
  • Double Sided Tape

Colored Glue 201613
We started this session with trays, foil, and card stock at each work space. The trays are to catch excess glue, but the foil allows for easy removal of the artwork so the tray may be used by the next class as the art dries.
Colored Glue 20165
Colored Glue 201615
Colored Glue 201612

We rescinded our dot-dot-not a lot policy again this week!

Colored Glue 201617

Colored Glue 201611

Colored Glue 20165

Colored Glue 20167

After the students used what they deemed a sufficient amount of glue, they moved onto the “stuff”! The paper and fabric scraps were into introduced along with the sequins and glitter, added one at a time.

Colored Glue 201620

Colored Glue 201622

Colored Glue 201619

To give the finished product a sweet pop of color and a fun border, we taped the art to bright construction paper!

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