Making your Gratitude Word Cards

You have TWO options.

  1. Print out the Gratitude Word List on cardstock or paper
  • Color with crayons or colored pencils
  • Cut out each word or phrase in the list so that you can place them all into the bowl.
  • Remove any words that don’t apply to you (there are options for pets and siblings which you may or may not have).
  • Place the word cards into the bowl.


  1. Use the Gratitude Word List as a reference and hand write the words. 
  • Cut a piece of paper into small enough cards so they fit in the bowl, but not too small that you can’t write on them.
  • Hand-write the words from the list that excite you onto the small cards.
  • Color each card with crayons or colored pencils.
  • Place the word cards into the bowl.

Using your Gratitude Word Cards

Close your eyes and pick a card at random out of your bowl. Think about how you feel gratitude for the word on the card. Ask your friends and family members to do the same thing. Take as many turns as you want!