A video membership packed with FUN, MEANINGFUL, and CONVENIENT art projects for kids.

Kids love Studio Sprout art projects, and adults do too!

I’m Rebecca

Artist, Mama, Community Builder and Teacher

Working with thousands of students over the course of 25+ years has shown me the transformative potential of art – I can’t wait to help you bring more of this power into your lives.

Run art studio for over 10 years.

work with all ages toddlers to adults

homeschooled, worked in public schools

I have witnessed the success of Studio Sprout projects first hand.

Studio Sprout offers innovative art classes for kids 18 months to 10 years.

We have won the Best Kids Art Program for 8  consecutive years in the Good Times gold awards.


Give kids what they want – animals, color, fun, hands-on, process-rich,

Give adults what they want – easy, prepared, educational, purposeful, organized

We understand life is busy and you need flexibility

Short on ideas?

Feeling tapped for creativity?

Have supplies but no ideas?

Need something flexible, but consistent and there at the drop of a hat?

Does planning overwhelm or exhaust you?

How much time do you waste searching for art projects?

How will you know if the project you find is age appropriate?

Not getting buy-in from your kids?

What your finding online feel repetitive and bland?

Are you sick of piecing things together?

Are you ready to innovate your art projects?


Studio Sprout art projects are FUN, MEANINGFUL AND ENGAGING

Our membership gives you access to a library of XXXXX and you make art anytime that works for YOU!

What’s in your membership?

  • A growing library of step-by-step video tutorials
  • Printable teaching guides filled with fun educational facts, extra resource links, and support tools
  • Supply lists with easy links for ordering (buy only what you need!)
  • Connection and inspiration within our private Facebook community
  • Oh, did I mention bonuses? That’s right, I love to add surprise bonuses!
Rainbow Art

Save Time & Energy

We do all the research, planning and teaching for you

Feel Excited to Teach

Know that kids and adults love our innovative and inspiring projects

Enjoy the Process

You sit back and relax while we guide the project step-by-step

Connect + Empower

Foster a deeper connection to our planet and its needs

Inspire Young Voices

Begin conversations that inspire young voices to create change

Strengthen Connection

Bring your family, classroom or community closer  through special art time together

What sets us apart/makes us different

Raise a Confident &
Creative Changemaker


Studio Sprout Online Art Memembership is designed for busy parents and educators passionate about creating change

Our curriculum focuses on process-rich art that seamlessly integrates science, sensory, social justice, earth stewardship, and mindfulness.

Our 50+ educational art videos are easy to access our  private portal.

make art anytime!

Are You Ready to

Empower Your Kids Through Art?

We always rotate in no-mess / low-mess projects

…with supplies you likely already have

+ you’ll get a simple supply list (with links in case you want to purchase) on the third week of the month.

New videos drop on the first of the month

to make life easy

Teacher Rebecca will walk your family through
each project step-by-step.

Studio Sprout is geared towards 5 to 10 years but we don’t limit the fun and learning




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