Mapping Lines, Pine Cone Trees, and Playdough

This week we upcycled old maps into new art. I provided three different drawing tools: markers, oil pastels, and chalk pastels, along with paint, glitter and do dads and let the children be the master designer of their art.

Even the youngest students 18 M – 2 Y enjoyed drawing on the maps. Perhaps it’s less intimidating than working on a blank white canvas.

This 3 yr old student got into the motion of rubbing with drawing tools, perhaps inspired by the busy backdrop of the map.

This 4 yr old student made a “maze” inspired by the lines on the map.

Adding paint and do dads took the art to a whole new level.

Hand prints have been a running theme i the studio the last few weeks.

With the older students I challenged them to follow the lines on the map. I explained this as an exercise that helps you slow down to practice line drawing. Maps are great because they usually have a combination of straight and curved lines.

Here are few pics of some finished products.

Some students worked on pine cone trees.

In a few of my classes we worked on playdough as an introduction to the day.

I let the children practice cutting with toddler knives which they don’t usually get to do at home. It’s always a hit.

This student was incredibly prolific with her “blueberry pancake” making! This gave us a great opportunity to tie some math as we counted her long line of pancakes.

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