Mixed Media :: Upcycled Collage

stacked birds20152
Cardboard, tempera, scrap book paper, Oh MY! Mixed Media keeps the attention of little ones because it combines drawing, painting and collage so every 10-15 minutes you are changing mediums. This project was inspired by a stacked bird art at Small Hands Big Art  which we did with our 5Y+ students and they came out great. Click here to see how you can take this lesson to the next level.
Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard, cut down.
  • Tempera Paint
  • Paper (we used scrapbook paper)
  • Glue
  • Pastels

stacked birds20153
Instead of rectangular strips for optimal bird stacking, we used square pieces of cardboard, and open the project with a free painting session. These classes did not create a bird.
stacked birds201549
Post painting, we had the students wipe and mix the paint on the cardboard. It removes excess paint and dries the board much quicker.
stacked birds201514
We then had each student select sheets of paper that they then cut down and collaged onto the boards over the paint. This creates a variety of textures.
stacked birds201558
stacked birds201550
The final step of the process was using pastels around the newly adhered paper. This is a really great final step as it gives the final image texture.

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