Monster Mash!

Monsters 201626
The title says it all! Over here at Studio Sprout it was a Monster Mash all week long. (It was such a fun week!) Our interns may have had even more fun than our students. This week’s project inspiration comes from a variety of sources; the first being the sweet children’s book I Need my Monster by Amanda Noll and this post here by Meri Cherry. The two came together to create some wonderful, unique, silly monsters!

  • Card stock or tag board (some white and some scrap art cut down)
  • Pastels
  • Brads
  • Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
  • Construction Paper (teeth, horns, mouths)
  • Gems, Sequins, Buttons, Pom-Poms, Ribbon, etc.

Monsters 20165
Monsters 20168
To prepare for the project, we had our students oil pastel and watercolor paint some of the card stock prior to the project so we’d have some dry patterned paper for the monster bodies, heads, and limbs. We also offered white card stock as we had so many decorative materials!
Monsters 201616
We started with decorating the heads and bodies, attaching them with hot glue at our separate hot gluing station.
Monsters 201621
Next we worked on our limbs, decorating them the same way as the head and body.
Monsters 201610
Monsters 201611
We chose to use a variety of colorful brads. The kiddos really had fun choosing colors for their monsters and punching holes each piece. The monsters come together in bits and pieces. Each one completely different!
Monsters 201630

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