Nature Collage and Water Beads

Inspired by collage and drawn to use natural and recycled materials I decided to combine them all together for a very successful Nature Collage project.
Kids love glue and this project requires liberal amounts so it’s a perfect match!

My curriculum consists primarily of done-in-a-day projects so instead of waiting for the glue to dry we painted right on top of wet glue. Believe it or not this works really well (scroll to bottom for photos of complete and dry artwork).

Some of my older students paid close attention to the placement of their natural items and painted very carefully filling in the negative space.

Others worked freely with the paint even enjoying it on their hands.

Here are some examples of the beautiful work from my students.

The sensory project of the day was a Water Bead Table. WOW….too much to say.
First, “Thank You” to the many creative mamas and education blogs that are spreading the gospel of water beads.
Here are some great posts about water beads that inspired me during my research about water beads: Tinker Lab, The Chocolate Muffin Tree, and Teach Preschool.

After a long stretch of great weather and many days of art outside I brought a few morning classes out of the fog and back into the studio. The plexiglass wall easel was loved once again.

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