Open-ended Art: Fabric and Paint on Cardboard

Fabric and Paint is an easy one you can do at home with any scrap textiles and/or ribbon that you have. You can cut up bric-brac for more texture and fun, cut up old stained clothes if you don’t have a fabric bin to pull from or get scrap fabric for a great deal at the local thrift store. I have a large collection of fabric that I’ve collected over time from costume and quilt projects along with the occasional textile/sewing project we do in the studio so I pulled a variety of colors and textures for this project.

fabricandpaint8 Materials:

  • Fabric (cotton, synthetics, felt, etc…)
  • ribbon and brick-brac
  • Tempera Paint
  • Cardboard or heavy weight paper

After each child selected a handful of ribbon and fabric to work with we went to the table and began painting on cardboard with tempera.
Each child was drawn to different colors and textures and while some placed their pieces at random or focused more on the process and sensory experience some were quite intentional with their palette and placement.

Here are some fabulous finished pieces!


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