Paint Chip Collage

Looking for a frugal project with fun new materials that you have at home? Paint Chip Collages are full of color and offer young children valuable practice time cutting with scissors, opportunities to talk about color combinations, and time with the coveted glue stick.
Summercolage11Paint Chip Collages are a great chance for open ended play with art materials. You can get very organized and intentional with paint chip collages but why not let kids follow their own whims and see what they come up with with little or no direction. Simply lay the materials on the table and see what happens.
Here are the supplies needed:

  • Paper for backing (cardstock, tagboard, or file folders are a good thick option but any paper will do)
  • Paint chips
  • scissors
  • glue stick

Summercolage10I admit in my class I did  give one suggestion which was to pick two colors to work with. By limiting the palette to two colors we avoided color chaos. I did encourage students to use any shade or hue within the two chosen colors and when  a child was adamit about adding additional colors they were of course allowed to follow their inspiration.

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