This week’s main focus was breaking in the new plexiglass wall easel. I gave the kids free reign with lots of paint colors and tools that ranged from your average paint brush to rollers, texture scrapers, q-tips, and of course the bear hand.

I love this photo because it shows how the wall easel encourages full body art making.

The wall easily fits four children and with little ones I’m imagining at least five or six can squeeze in side-by-side.

The wall takes layering well. We experimented with foam rollers and hand prints.

After rolling on paint this student used a q-tip to draw an image, then laid a paper on top, rubbed gently and pulled a print.

This week’s sensory activity was Gel Bags. I found this project on Not every child was interested in squishing around contents but some definitely were!

All of the supplies were found at the dollar store minus the liquid water color that I used to dye the gel. Ingredients included: zip locks, packing tape to reinforce the seal, hair gel, liquid watercolor, plastic beads, glass rocks, marigras necklaces, pom poms, plastic animals.

A lot of pressing and squishing goes on so it’s important to use smooth objects inside the bags to avoid punctures.

This is a good activity to discuss colors, textures, and smell since the hair gel has a scent!