Printmaking & Painting with Wacky Tools

Printmaking w Tools 201615
Materials Needed:

  • White Paper (sulphite or cardstock work great)
  • Tempera Paint (we use washable colorations and love it!)
  • Paint Brushes
  • Foam Rollers

Other Tools We Used:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Yarn Blocks
  • Sponges
  • Scrapers
  • Kitchen Tools (mashers, basting brush, etc)
  • Corks
  • plastic combs
  • Recycled foam packing trays
  • squeeze bottles of paint (optional)

Printmaking w Tools 201630
There are countless ways to create with the variety of tools and colors. This project was about experimenting with household objects and unusual materials to see what types of marks and textures were made.
Printmaking w Tools 201616
The technique seems pretty straight forward. You roll paint, flip object, press and lift. But printmaking has so many variables: amount of paint, amount of pressure, if you pressed evenly everywhere. You get it. But that’s the fun of it.
Printmaking w Tools 201617

Each child took time investigating the possibilities.

Printmaking w Tools 201612

After each student had finished their own piece of art, they were given free reign to paint of the table cover which the studio recycles in later projects like in mixed media or collage.

Printmaking w Tools 201620

A few times we ripped the paper with too much paint and pressure. What a great discovery moment!

Printmaking w Tools 201621

Printmaking w Tools 201622

To help us along we had small squirt bottles to squeeze paint directly on the table.

Printmaking w Tools 201625

This was a great opportunity for finger painting.

Printmaking w Tools 201624

And hand printing.

Printmaking w Tools 20166

This became a sensory investigation for many of the students.

Printmaking w Tools 20168

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