Rainbow Sensory Box, Hammering Practice and Paper Roll Sculpture II

Sensory boxes are fun to make a fun to play with! This sensory box was filled with a rainbow of pom-poms, wooden alphabet blocks, wooden shapes, tinker toy wheels, plastic frogs and worms, and rainbow buttons in a variety of shapes and colors.

Muffin tins are perfect for sorting, making matches, building sets, and make-believe games.

I loved pounding golf tees with the kids. Children of all ages were excited to do this activity and both genders enjoyed it equally.

I supplied a mix of wooden toy hammers, rubber mallets, and even a wooden gavel I found at a garage sale. I collected styrofoam from a few friendly freecyclers and found the golf tees second hand at the flea market.

In honor of 3-D exploration a few students were inspired to build sculptures.

We painted in pastels, adding white to each color  to help the paint show up better on the brown paper material. I offered each student an opportunity to mix their own paint. Seeing is believing and there is nothing like combining two paint colors, then mixing to make one.

I think these sculptures look lovely hung vertical on a wall. I had each child observe how this might look when finished and suggested they take care to paint inside all the crevices and reach their brush deep into any tubes since you would be able to see this when hung.

Glitter speaks for itself!

Proud student!

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