Summer Harvest 2013!

Planting with toddlers and young children can be challenging so this summer we focused our efforts on tending the garden by watering and enjoying the harvest. Almost all children are thrilled to take part in the watering during the hot summer days and super excited to pick and pull when the veggies are ready. I try and make a policy that you eat what you pick and I’ve found for the most part this is a success.

garden -summer20136

Cool, crisp, sweet, and HEALTHY!!! Our carrot patch this year wasn’t as prolific as last summer but what we did get tasted great.

garden -summer20137

Sometimes you go to pull a carrot and you get three!

garden -summer20138Most of the time that I find myself in the garden tending or harvesting with the kids I don’t have my camera. Probably because water, dirt, and bending over don’t mix well with photography, but sometimes I catch some gems.
garden -summer20133
There is something really heartwarming about watching young children eat vegetables right out of my garden.

garden -summer20131

The parts we don’t eat we feed to the chickens!

garden -summer201311

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