Tinfoil Ornaments

If you don’t already know about Happy Hooligans definitely take a second to pop over to her blog! You will find tons of wonderful ideas for simple projects geared towards toddlers and young children. These tin foil ornaments were a great success in my studio and inspired by Happy Hooligans.
The first step is to wrap a cardboard shape with tin foil. You can use a triangle for a tree or any other shape you can cut with card board. Not all my students celebrate Christmas so I made sure to have some square/diamond shapes on hand. Tin foil is wonderful because it sticks to itself as you mash it down on the back.
TinfoilTrees2The second step is to glue down small tissue paper squares onto the front of the ornament. We used mod podge because it has a great glossy shine when dry. The tissue paper squares look great when overlapped. Some students chose intentional color schemes while most just enjoyed the process. It’s important to practice “dabbing” the glue since brushing and long strokes with the thick mod podge can rip the delicate tissue paper.
In the tutorial on Happy Hooligans for this wonderful project they waited for the mod podge to dry before applying gems and sequins but we went straight into that step and they turned out great!
Here are some photos of dry ornaments. Ready for their holes to be punched and ribbon to be strung for hanging.

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