Tissue Paper20163
This tissue paper art project is easy peasy with wonderful results and was targeted at our youngest age group. Our kids happen to love squirt bottles so any project we can incorporate the bottles is a hit!

  • Squirt Bottle
  • Paper
  • Bleeding Tissue Paper (may also be called “Art Tissue”)

Tissue Paper20167
To start, we had our students spray the paper to dampen it so the tissue paper clings to it. It works best when the students stand a little further back and mist the paper.
Tissue Paper20165
After the paper is damp, the tissue sticks and begins bleeding onto the white paper.
Tissue Paper20168
Tissue Paper20164

The remainder of the project was students picking new colors of tissue, sticking them on, wetting paper, and repeating, usually until the white is covered. We kept our tissue paper away from all the spraying as once it is wet, it becomes increasingly difficult to work with.
Tissue Paper20169

Once the tissue has dried a little, you are free to remove it and are left with lovely prints like these!