Tissue Paper Dyed Eggs, Foam Paint, and Liquid Sidewalk Chalk

We finished this session at Studio Sprout with egg dying, foam paint, and lots of outdoor fun! I don’t have a strong tradition with Easter but I love holiday and themed projects. Plus eggs remind me of spring and I’m getting very excited for the chickens so it just felt right doing egg dying. The kids loved it.
Children moved very fast through the egg dying, especially with the help our parents who were excited to try the process as well. Since the longer you leave the paper the more vibrant the staining effect I encouraged students to put their egg aside and work on a card with the same materials. The tissue paper eventually dries and wants to flake off and the effect is stunning.

I was excited to offer foam paint again. Most children love this project. Perhaps because it uses a unique combination of gross motor skills and imagination and just plain feels good on the hands.

The majority of my classes used foam paint from Discount School Supplies but as I ran low I decided to try shaving cream. I was worried that it wouldn’t stand up as well as the foam paint but I am not a convert. I LOVED the way the shaving cream behaved. It has a smell, but it wasn’t offensive and it still worked great for both play and paper marbling.

We used white and added liquid water color with plastic droppers.

Then we drove cars through rainbow snow blizzards…

… squished, squeezed and squeegeed…

… molded …

… and mixed …

… and then we went outside to enjoy the sun and play!

Liquid Sidewalk Chalk rocks! It definitely played second to the water table and bubbles, but none-the-less it’s very simple to make and very simple to use.

I followed a basic recipe of equal parts cornstarch and water

I used liquid watercolor to tint each batch.

I mixed cups of about 1/4 cup cornstarch and  1/4 cup water.

The mixture settles quickly and must be stirred often.


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