Tissue Paper Prints

Tissue Paper20163
Our tiny tots got to do their favorite thing: use the spray bottles! It was even more fun that we used them to make art rather than clean up art. Plus this is a great project to strengthen hand muscles and sharpen hand/eye coordination. We used the spray bottles and bleeding tissue paper to leave prints behind on our art paper.

    • Bleeding Tissue Paper (not not all tissue paper bleeds)
  • White Paper (Construction, Cardstock)
  • Tape
  • A Space to Make the Art

While it is optional to hang the art, the color runs down the sheet which is a fun effect, but because we are spraying water, you should have a water-friendly space. We have our plexi-glass wall easel.
Tissue Paper20164
We prepared a variety of colors and made them accessible while keeping them away from the water because once they get damp, they are difficult to use and messy.
Tissue Paper20167
We set to bottles to mist and suggested to students stand back to cover the sheet rather than douse it in a single space.
Tissue Paper20165

 The dry tissue paper pieces stick to the wet paper.

Tissue Paper20161

Our suggestion of standing back was not always heeded but that’s okay, it’s all about fun!

Tissue Paper20162
Once the sheet is nicely collaged and covered, simply wait for the tissue to dry, and it flakes right off leaving it’s mark.

Tissue Paper20169

The results are always a surprise.

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