Water Beads

Water beads, the newest craze in toddler sensory activities! Try them and you will know why. The fascination with water beads shouldn’t be under estimated or reserved for the toddler age, in fact my older students got a huge kick out of exploring them, especially my 5-8 year old boy students! In fact, this time around it was the big kids trying to climb into the bin with the water beads not my toddlers.
I find one tub can comfortably fit about 4 students so I’m starting to double up my bins so the children can have enough room to comfortably explore.
For the younger students I set the bins on the floor so they can reach everything they need. I also set the bowls and tins inside the bin because the  nature of the water bead is to bounce and roll.
This time around I combined a batch from the summer with a new batch. They happened to be two different sizes from two different companies which added a cool new element.
The first time I ever made water beads I learned not to over soak  them because they become too soft and easily squished.  I have found that 6 hours is perfect.

  • Supplies:
  • water beads
  • spoons
  • measuring cups
  • muffin tins
  • bowls


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