Watercolor Woodblock Sculpture

woodblock fall1548This project is never dull, and that’s not just because we use glitter watercolor paint! Woodblock sculpture is truly an adventure and investigation of color, shape, and what you can do with glue! (At the studio, we rescinded our dot-dot-not a lot glue policy for the week!)

  • Wood (this means larger base pieces and stackable smaller pieces)
  • Watercolor Paint (with or without glitter)
  • Paint Brushes
  • White Glue

woodblock fall1538
woodblock fall1537
First things first, this is what our wood selection looked like. First pictured are the bases, and the second image being the stackable pieces. Each student selected their own materials.
woodblock fall1532
We painted the base first so it would dry a little as we painted the smaller pieces.
woodblock fall157
woodblock fall158
Some students painted each piece a distinct color while other really took advantage of the watercolor paint and blended a variety of colors.
woodblock fall1547

woodblock fall1510
As mentioned before, we were very liberal with the glue so that the pieces really stuck together. Excess glue is not an issue as it dries clear.

woodblock fall1528

The master classes were much more methodical about the placement of the pieces, and we saw the construction of familiar structures, like the castles pictured above.
woodblock fall1521
woodblock fall1513
woodblock fall1522

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