To wrap up our six-week session which focused on taking art outdoors and incorporating the outdoors into our art we made wind chimes. I love the element of wind and thought it was a great challenge to work this into our art.
I usually don’t create age specific projects but with beading I decided to supply my youngest toddlers with pipe cleaners and colored pasta beads and my students 2.5 years and up with¬† plastic needles threaded with ribbon and pony beads. The chime structure was made from torn down egg flats that I snagged from a recycling bin at the local bakery.

Beading is great for supporting fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination. Some children also worked on pattern making when placing their beads.

The wind chimes were completed with bells at the bottom and colored with liquid watercolor.

This would be a great project for glue and glitter or glitter watercolor.

Here is a proud student with his finished wind chime.

This set was done by students 18M-2Y.

After using immense amounts of fine motorskill and in depth concentration on the wind chimes we freed things up a bit with Shaving Cream Play.

After going through a few batches of foam paint from Discount School Supplies I’ve decided I prefer shaving cream. I think it has more body and holds up longer.

Love the full body experience!